John Fedchock Clinics

John Fedchock’s credits as an experienced clinician have taken him to countless universities, colleges and high schools over the past three decades. Since his emergence on the New York scene, Fedchock has established himself as a world-class trombone soloist, a heralded bandleader, and a Grammy-nominated arranger. He brings those skills to his clinics and masterclasses, sharing his vast knowledge and experience, and giving students a look into the world of the NYC professional. In addition to his renowned expertise specific to the Trombone and Big Band, Fedchock also offers sophisticated insights into Improvisation, Jazz Theory, Arranging, Brass Playing, the Rhythm Section and the Business of Music to complete the picture, providing a multi-faceted learning experience. Along with his prominent performing credentials, Fedchock’s extensive jazz education background and comfortable teaching demeanor have made him a popular favorite among teachers and students alike.

Former chief arranger for the Woody Herman Orchestra, and now the leader of the critically acclaimed John Fedchock New York Big Band, Fedchock’s dynamic charts span the spectrum of skill levels, allowing every ensemble to feel comfortable while enjoying the unique experience of working directly with an accomplished composer. Concert appearances showcase each ensemble’s specific strengths, as well as Fedchock’s extraordinary playing described by the New York Times as “dazzling trombone virtuosity”.

Seminar Topics


John works with your jazz ensemble and appears in concert as a featured soloist, performing his own big band arrangements including those from the Woody Herman library and his own New York Big Band book.


John discusses improvisation in a master class format. Spanning the levels of beginner to advanced improvisor, John addresses the topics of communication, abstract thinking, listening, analysis, and the use of basic jazz vocabulary.


Rhythm sections learn to play as a cohesive unit, enhance soloists, and more effectively shape charts.


Section playing, lead playing, articulation, warm-ups, and breathing are just a few of the subjects discussed with brass students.


John discusses solutions to problems specific to the trombone. In addition to answering general questions of technique and style, hints and suggestions for achieving facility as a jazz soloist are also offered.


Students learn many aspects of arranging, including writing idiomatically and effectively for instruments, voicing, textures, writing for rhythm sections, and shaping arrangements. Students are urged to bring projects for comment and help.


The subject of jazz harmony is addressed to help students with the technical aspects of writing and playing.


In the competitive world of music, it is important that students are not only prepared musically, but that they are prepared emotionally and taught good business sense. This subject will be discussed and advice shared.




Comments from the Nation’s Jazz Educators:

“I find that my students experience a very tangible growth artistically after working with John, and come away from one of his residencies at the university with a new dedication to and appreciation of the music. He is an extremely knowledgeable and efficient director of the contemporary jazz ensemble, and one who is able to coax some very impressive performances out of college musicians in a very short period of time. This is balanced by the fact that John is also one of the most positive and encouraging individuals I’ve ever encountered in this idiom.”
-Dan Gailey, The University of Kansas

“The expertise and tireless energy John brought to the camp are exemplary of the type of instruction I want students to receive. Whether offering performance instruction at rehearsals, guiding listening or improv sessions, working over master class material, or offering life and career advice, his words and actions reached our students at every level.”
– Hal Melia, Miami Valley Jazz Camp Artistic Director

“John Fedchock is one of the most complete artist/clinicians that I’ve ever come across. The absolute total package!”
-Ray Vega, University of Vermont

“John was magic with the students. From the time he introduced himself, he had the students, faculty, and staff in the palm of his hand. His mastery as a player, calm and humble demeanor, and ability to relate to everyone in the room was simply terrific. There have been many people who are heralded or claim to be ‘artists’ but have a difficult time doing anything more than bragging on themselves and what they have done in their lives. John’s energy and words spoke to all of us. Every person in the room today learned a lot and I can’t thank him enough for sharing time with our students. John Fedchock simply rocked the joint!”
Dr. Charles T. Menghini, President -VanderCook College of Music

“I couldn’t think of a better artist to be the focal point of our jazz festival. John’s writing and performing are world-class. Also so important to us was the manner in which he dealt with the high school and college students. He not only communicated his musical points in an effective pedagogical style, he related to the young people in a warm, personable way. I received many, many favorable comments on his clinics and performance.”
-Rick Van Matre, Professor Emeritus-University of Cincinnati

“Not only was the performance a highlight that inspired our students, but the subjects raised during John’s speaking appearances also proved to be valuable points for discussion in later classes by arrangers, improvisers, and ensemble members in general.”
-Antonio J. Garcia, Virginia Commonwealth University

“The response to John’s residence has been tremendous! Students and faculty have shared numerous positive comments regarding his work with the bands, class presentations, and of course, his performance. He has so much to offer – and does so in a way which serves to inspire and encourage all of us!”
-Keith Wiley, Millersville University

“The rehearsals in preparation for John’s performance were more like workshops in that he used this time as a teaching moment, focusing on issues that would benefit the students. He exuded confidence but with dignity and a humbleness that made him accessible to our students and not the least bit off-putting. I also appreciated his attention to detail. He knew exactly what he wanted and how to get results.”
– Rick Lawn, Professor Emeritus-University of the Arts (Philadelphia PA)

“His charts were excellent, his playing was phenomenal, and his work with the students got highest marks.”
-Fred Sturm, Lawrence University 

“He is well-versed in all subject matter pertaining to jazz studies and he can effectively teach any subject, without doubt. I believe if I had asked him to teach auto repair, he would have found a way to do it.”
-Todd Coolman, Purchase College-SUNY

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